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The PyraMed Range of Colloidal Silver Generators

The PyaMed Colloidal Silver Generator technology ensures that only distilled water is used, since the device measures the conductivity of the water before starting production. Some colloidal silver generator devices on the market do not discriminate about what kind of water us used, but this feature is important in the design philosophy of the PyraMed. This is to ensure that the particles of silver do not combine with dissolved solids to produce silver salts (such as silver chloride). By using pure water and high purity silver electrodes, the production of pure colloidal silver is achieved (known as Aquasilver).

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Colloidal Silver Generator

MX Colloidal Silver Generator System: €192.00


Colloidal Silver Generator

KT1 Colloidal Silver Generator System: €180.00

Colloidal Silver Generators from SciTron Healing

PyraMed CS1 Colloidal Silver Generator: €156.00


The KT1 and MX include the following:

The PyraMed CS1 Colloidal Silver Generator

600ml Tall Form beaker for making 500ml of colloidal silver

Mains Adapter with 12V DC output (KT1 has Euro adapter, MX has Universal adapter with UK, US and EU interchangeable heads)

High purity Silver Electrodes (99.99% pure silver)

Comprehensive operating instructions.

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